Why We Must Not Take Our Health For Granted

Week of Feb 26: Our key learning this week was about our health.

Our adventures this week brought us to International UFO Museum And Research Center, City of Lubbock, Prairie Dog Town, and the National Ranching Heritage Center.

Playgrounds at El Paso

No trip is complete without a visit to the playgrounds. We simply love not just the playgrounds but also the other children we meet too! Sometimes we’d find a friend to play with us, sometimes it’s just the two of us.

When we visited the Westside Community Park, we were approached by a girl who asked if we would like to buy a Tic Tac for a dime. She’s built this cool Tic Tac dispensing machine using Lego! Of course we couldn’t say no!

Moses also learned a new trick! Watch the video below but make a guess whether he made it to the other side of the monkey bars!

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Aliens are real!

The only aliens we know are the ones from Star Wars. And this is our favorite. I’ve always thought aliens are not real. But did you know that in 1947, an alien spaceship, called a UFO, crashed in Roswell? And that’s where we went next!

See! I told you aliens are real!

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City of Lubbock

Our next stop was the City of Lubbock. Here at Lubbock, Mommy told us it is one of the most family-friendly city and she’s right!

They had events that were planned for us! Just like this Dr Seuss Birthday Celebration on March 02!

Prairie Dog Town

Did you know that Prairie Dog Town has its own Mayor? Yes! Two lovely couples,
Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy Clapp, established this place in 1930s. In recognition of their contributions, Mr. Clapp was conferred the title of Mayor of Prairie Dog Town, forever!

Despite their names, these cute little creatures are not woof woof dogs!

We learned that they eat grass and seeds, and even small insects!

National Ranching Heritage Center

Our last destination in Lubbock was the National Ranching Heritage Center.

This place deserves a mention because it not only gave us a glimpse of how people lived in the past in Texas, we also got to learn a very important lesson.

To get an aerial view of the entire center, click here!

During our visit, one particular site that Daddy and Mommy pointed out to us was the Jowell Cemetery. In the past, children did not had access to vaccines, medicines, and healthcare services that we sometimes take for granted now. We saw the tombstones of five young children and out of respect, we paused at the site for a minute.

Why we must not take our health for granted

As we live in modern times, we are grateful for all the discoveries and breakthroughs in science and medicine.

How are you making healthy choices to strengthen your bodies? We can all do our part by simply making healthier choices starting now.

What healthy choices are you making today?

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